Valve Adds New Steam Feature: Remote Game Downloads

Valve has announced the arrival of a beta patch for Steam which will allow users to manage and install their games remotely from any browser or mobile device. So if there is a great deal on a game you want that you would otherwise miss, open Steam on your mobile device or on a PC at work, and you can buy that game and install it remotely. It really is as simple as leaving Steam running on your home PC or Mac and then queuing the game download while at work and then play it when you get home, or doing so while stuck in traffic or even out to lunch. Considering Valve’s beta periods for features are fairly short it shouldn’t be to long before this becomes fully integrated into Steam. If you want to take the plunge and try it out, Valve has provided some handy instructions here.

Steam Logo

On the Steam forums, Valve’s heralded the arrival of a new beta patch that will allow you to manage and install games on your main machine from any browser or mobile device. Steam feature betas are usually fairly quick affairs, so I’m guessing the full release will be live before too much longer. If you’d like to tame the mysterious telepathic beast as soon as possible, though, Valve’s already released incredibly simple instructions here.


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