US Creates Pre-emptive Strike Plans To Protect Computer Systems

Did you know that President Barack Obama has power to order a preemptive cyberstrike if the United States detects credible evidence of a possible digital attack from abroad? New policies are being put into place about how the United States military can defend, or retaliate, against a major cyberattack. The rules will be highly classified, but it sounds like the President has the power to order a strike, even if war has not been formally declared. Cyberwar and cyberterrorism certainly appear to be growing concerns these days, but that is exactly why the Cyber Command was created right?

U.S. Cyber Command's logo

One official claimed the US had been “restrained in its use of cyberweapons” and said, “There are levels of cyberwarfare that are far more aggressive than anything that has been used or recommended to be done.” A “senior American official” said cyberweapons were as powerful as nuclear weapons and “should be unleashed only on the direct orders of the commander in chief.” The official added the decision to launch cyber operations will rarely be made by someone at a level “below the president,” which means “‘automatic’ retaliation if a cyber attack on America’s infrastructure is detected” has reportedly been “ruled out.”


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