Update from Intel’s NAND Solutions Group – 34nm SSD Firmware Issue

I just noticed that the Intel NAND Flash memory group issued a new statement just now citing “by end of November” for a firmware fix for the screwed firmware version (02HA) that came out back in October. They also listed some instructions on what to do for those of you that own 34nm drives. I personally updated my drive from 02G9 to 02HA the day the firmware came out, but was lucky my upgrade went smoothly and didn’t brick my drive.

Intel X25-M Trim SSD Drive

Intel has confirmed an issue with the firmware update process for 34nm (G2) Intel X25-M SSDs (80GB and 160GB). This predominantly affected Windows* 7 (64bit) users during or immediately after the upgrade process to 02HA firmware using the firmware update tool (version 1.3). Intel plans to release a fix for this issue by the end of November 2009.


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