Upcoming AMD Never Settle Evolved Game Bundle Titles Leaked

The TechReport forums members have what appears to be a confidential image of what seems to be a preview of whats to come for the AMD Never Settle Evolved game bundle. It appears to have eight gaming titles that will help motivate you to buy an AMD Radeon HD graphics card later this year. The game titles look pretty good and include blockbuster titles like Battlefield 4, Grid 2 and Company of Heroes 2 which are some of the most hyped around games of this year. The titles shown in the leaked image are Battlefield 4, GRID2, Company Of Heroes 2, Total War: Rome II, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Lost Planet 3, Raven’s Cry and Watch Dogs. You likely won’t get all of the games on the mainstream video card models, but only time will tell.

AMD Never Settle Evolved game bundle


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