Ultra M998 Midsize Black Tower PC Case Review

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External Impressions

Looking at the front of the Ultra M998

Looking at the front/side of the M998, I first noticed its width. It is a fair bit wider then your normal case (more on how this is nice later). The side window is protected inside and out with a plastic film that peeled off quite nicely and left no residue. The case also has a dated look to it due to the front bezel design, but overall fits the styling of the case. I like the classic look, in a sea of over-the-top gaudy-looking cases, it’s nice to see a case with simple looks. With an MSRP of $200 and a street price of $153 plus shipping, I would have liked to see something more up to date, rather than the tried and true plastic bezel. Carbon fiber maybe?

Ultra M998 front buttons

Looking closer at the front we can see the power and reset buttons as well as the power and hard drive activity LED’s.

Ultra M998 front IO ports

Just below is a stealth door that conceals the front IO ports. You have the USB, eSATA, EE1394, and audio ports. More on how Ultra has taken a unique approach to the M998’s IO panel later.

Back of the Ultra M998

Looking at the back of the M998, you get an eye full of chrome, but it’s not chrome, it is polished stainless steel. Why point this out? Well, if you wanted to have a matte brushed look like the rest of the case you can break out the scotch brite pad and scuff it up and not worry about rubbing the layer of chrome off. Then if you want to go back, break out the buffer and your back to the mirror finish. We also can see the 120mm rear exhaust fan and the PSU mounting plate. All are attached with nickel-plated thumb screws. There is also a lock loop to help keep things locked up when needed. To prevent someone from just taking the tray out there are two screws that can be installed on the inside of the case to lock it in place.

Ultra M998 feet

On the bottom of the case we have the rubber feet and mounting points for casters. The provisions for casters are something I thought to be rather funny option for a light aluminum case, but it is easier to roll your case into a LAN than to carry it.

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