Twitter Turns 7 Years Old Today!

“Just setting up my twttr,” Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, tweeted on March 21, 2006. That was the first Tweet made on Twitter and it barely made a ripple online because the service wasn’t officially launched until July 15, 2006. Little did we all know that first tweet and Twitter itself would revolutionize the way people communicate, gather information and waste time in cyberspace. Could you really get a point across with just 140 characters? Twitter now has over 200 million active users and handles more than 400 million tweets a day! Twitter created a short video celebrating the major moments leading up to its seventh birthday and you can check it out below. Happy Birthday Twitter!

There’s an old English saying, “Keep a thing seven years, and you’ll always find a use for it.” Today is Twitter’s 7th birthday, which we observe on the day @jack first tweeted. Since then, we’ve seen breathtaking velocity in Twitter’s growth, which is due entirely to your many uses of it. We’re gratified that so many millions of you have made Twitter yours. It’s thanks to all of you that our open, real-time platform is thriving: we have well over 200 million active users creating over 400 million Tweets each day. The steep trajectory of Twitter’s momentum is something @jack, @ev and @biz only dreamed about back in 2006.


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