TPU Releases GPU-Z v0.6.7 w/ Many Bug Fixes

A new version of GPU-Z is out! Grab it here if you want to use the latest and greatest version! GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU in case you haven’t used the utility before! This version only adds support for a number of new AMD and NVIDIA graphics card and fixes a bunch of stuff!  The full change log is shown below!

GPU-Z v0.6.7

Changes in GPU-Z 0.6.7

  • Added readout for texture mapping units (TMUs)
  • Window position is now restored on startup
  • When GPU-Z is minimized, the tray icon tooltip will show some sensor data
  • Added support for AMD Tahiti LE, HD 7870M, HD 8000M Series
  • Added support for NVIDIA GTX 670MX, GT 645M, 730M, GeForce 505, Tesla K20c, K20m, M2070-Q, M2075, Quadro 410, K600, K4000, K4000M K5000, K5000M 5010M
  • Fixed system hang when GPU-Z starts on CrossFire systems (Catalyst driver bug)
  • Fixed application crash when scanning for power sensors (NVIDIA driver bug)
  • Fixed memory size and GPU temperature reading on AMD Llano Fusion systems
  • Added command-line parameter -tab to select active tab on startup
  • Fixed OpenCL detection for all AMD Thames based cards (e.g. FirePro m2000)
  • Added version number to about dialog

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