Too Good To Be True – Grand Theft Auto V PC Game Torrent Available

It appears that there is a torrent making rounds on the internet claiming to be a leaked PC version of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V. If you Google ‘GTA V PC Torrent’ you’ll find that file is readily availble, but it is not what you think it is.  Don’t download it as the 18GB file, is nothing more than a bunch of malware. What makes this bit of news funny is the fact that Grand Theft Auto V has not been confirmed for PC!  According to the site that broke the news, WCCF Tech, ‘thousands’ of gamers have already downloaded the file. That is pretty damn sad! 

Luckily, you now have a heads-up and can avoid falling into the same trap. It is pretty sad that so many gamers think that they can  download an unannounced, unconfirmed version of a major game title on a public torrent and be getting the real deal. Don’t be a noob, save up and wait for the official game port if it happens. If you already downloaded the GTAV torrent and launched the setup.exe file, you have successfully infected your PC. Common sense folks!

GTAV PC Torrent Crack