Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

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The Thermolab Baram

Thermolab was established in 2005, and started by supplying companies with thermal solutions. While doing this they noticed there was a growing need for small PC systems. The server market has several coolers for small systems, but Thermolab noticed there was not much for the SFF PC market, so they developed the Silencer Series coolers. The Silencer Series coolers are low noise, low profile, heatpipe coolers. Now Thermolab has released their first tower cooler, the Baram. Thermolab says on their website, “Baram has a meaning of ‘airflow’ in Korean, and is the product for a cooling mania who is expecting to have a supreme cooling performance.”

Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler

Let’s look at the specifications for the Thremolab Baram:


  • With the efficient heat pipe arrangement, maximized the thermal distribution effects.
  • Optimum fin structure to minimize air resistance intake.
  • Optimized fin pitch for axial fan.
  • The air tunnel formed inside the stacked heatsink fins accelerates the airflow.


  • Product Name: BARAM
  • Socket Standards: Intel Socket 775, AMD Socket AM2+/AM2
  • Thermal Design Power of CPU: Max 250 Watt
  • Dimension: 67 × 132 × 160 (L x W x H)mm
  • Weight: 625g
  • Heatsink Material: Pure Copper, Aluminum
  • Dissipation Area: 7.580 cm²


Thermolab Baram LGA775 CPU Heak Sink Cooler

The Baram come to us in a simple plain heavy duty cardboard box.

Thermolab Baram Cooler

On the end of the box was the short list of CPU sockets the Baram is compatible with, as well as the statement that you will need a fan.

Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler

With the box open we can see that the cooler is held snuggly in place and protected with cardboard.

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