Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro CPU Cooler Review

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Unboxing the Water2.0 Pro

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro box comes wrapped in plastic

The box comes wrapped in plastic so you know you are the first to open it.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro front of the bo

The front of the box shows the Water2.0 unit with the fans installed.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro right side of box

On the right side is a chart with the unit specifications and a small chart with the Water2.0 Pro being compared to an Intel Box cooler with a Intel Core i7-975 at 4.0Ghz. This charts shows the Water2.0 Pro coming in at 77*C under full load. Will be interesting to see how we do with our LGA 2011 Intel Core i7-3690X.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro back of the box

On the back of the box there is an image of the Water2.0 Pro installed into a system with close ups of key features and a listing of the kits features.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro box left side

One the left side is a list of features in various languages.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro in the box

Opening the box the kit is cradled in the typical pressed cardboard tray covered with a sheet of foam.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro packing

Under the foam is the instruction booklet. Under that is the kit.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro wrapped in plastic

The base of the water block/pump housing is protected with a plastic cap and wrapped in plastic.

Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro mounting parts

All the mounting parts are double bagged in plastic baggies.

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