Thermaltake Toughpower Grand Platinum 700W Power Supply Review

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External Design of the TGP-700M

The Toughpower Grand Platinum 700W PSU

The Toughpower Grand Platinum 700W is certainly unique in terms of appearance. Thermaltake is using a proprietary chassis with rounded corners which is sprayed with a snow-white matte paint, a black honeycomb mesh fan cover and white sleeving on the hardwired cables, just to name a few differences over basic designs. The chassis is 180mm long, making this power supply somewhat longer than a standard ATX unit.

Side sticker

We found the company and power supply series logos etched on the sides of the power supply, barely visible on the bright white surface of the TGP-700M. A black glossy ribbon runs around the power supply inside an embossed channel which the chassis forms.

Top side

The sticker with the electrical specifications of the Toughpower Grand Platinum 700W unit is to be found at the top side of the power supply. It is printed in both English and Chinese, as Thermaltake obviously plans on marketing this product in Asia. A “Tt design” logo is embossed beneath the sticker.

Rear Side

Six connectors for the modular cables can be found at the rear side of this power supply. Although the connectors themselves are colored, with the red ones being 8 pin connectors for the PCI-E cables and the black ones being 6-pin connectors for the Molex/SATA cables, Thermaltake also placed a legend and labels next to the connectors.

Cables and capacitors

As we mentioned above, the hardwired cables of the Toughpower Grand Platinum 700W unit are covered with a snow-white sleeving. Unfortunately, the wires beneath the sleeving are color-coded and it shows; all-white wires here would increase the visual value of this product tremendously. Thermaltake also placed capacitors near the PCI-E connectors in order to decrease voltage ripple but they also add some bulk.

Front Side

Naturally, the front side of the Toughpower Grand Platinum is mostly perforated. There is a typical on/off switch and an A/C receptacle, as well as a rectangular plate with the company’s name printed on it.

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