Thermaltake SHARK aluminum tower case

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Looking forward to the front interior we see the new standard for mounting HDD’s. The drive bays keep wiring out of sight and feature slide-out locking trays. The SHARK accomodates a total of 12-drives. External bays (access) house 5 x 5.25″ (slide-out) and 2 x 3.5″ drives. Internally (seen below) there are 5 x 3.5″ sliding bays with rubber isolation grommets. 

Once again a seemingly minor, yet important detail are the rubber grommets which protect and isolate Hard Drives by reducing vibration. These are held in place by small aluminum “caps” which need to be removed prior to installation.

I’m formulating a theory Thermaltake engineers design with the expression in mind; “God is in the details.” While any comparison might be considered blasphemous, let’s just say what separates mediocre build quality from exceptional, also resides in the details. HDD dampening is all too often overlooked and given it’s your HDD which makes your PC your’s, I for one am impressed to see Thermaltake pay attention to such details. Below we see the case with Thermaltake’s Big-Water 12-cm internal H20-cooling system installed.


Now let’s take a close look at the outside of the case with our test system fully installed.

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