Thermaltake SHARK aluminum tower case

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The Case Up Close

As usual with Thermaltake products the case was boxed very well and arrived in perfect condition. Taking the case out of the box was easy as the all aluminum construction is very light.

Removing the side-panel simply requires sliding forward an ergonomic handle at the rear of the panel. The handle is spring loaded securing the panel in place, and features a lock with key for added security against inquisitive children and really smart pets. Below we see a close-up of the spring-loaded handle, it’s lock and the honey-comb screens which allow air to flow freely.

Removing the side-panel its clear Thermaltake used all aluminum construction through-out. I’ve seen aluminum cases which were not constructed using “all aluminum.” The case is designed to accommodate dual 120mm fans (front/rear) and features multiple access ports on the rear where water-cooling tubes may be passed through.

Next we see the case opened and the removable motherboard-tray also made of aluminum. The motherboard tray easily installs by virtue of two retention spikes which the tray slides on and over, locking in place.

The mobo tray differs from other designs which typically slide out and are secured on the rear of the case by screws. Thermaltake’s reasoning behind the design was to ensure the rear panel be as sturdy as possible since the case is intended to support the weight of a radiator/fan assembly. Delving into the SHARK we see the aforementioned “spikes” which the mobo-tray slide’s over and locks under. Two screws can then be used to secure the tray further. 


Next we’ll explore some of the SHARK’s thermal attributes and mounting flexibility for various components.

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