Thermaltake Matrix VX All Aluminum Case Review

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Final Thoughts

The Bundle:

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The bundle that came with the Thermaltake Matrix VX case included the owners manual and all the hardware needed to put your system together. Other than the manual it comes with the tool-free drive rails, a locking clip, an I/0 shield, and a bag of brass standoffs and miscellaneous screws.

Installation Completed:

Final Thoughts:

I was excited to finally get a Thermaltake case to review and I wasn?t disappointed. Besides the case being the lightest mid tower case I have ever lifted, it is also well constructed. The only fault I was able to find was the length of the audio & mic cables.

After using the case for a number of weeks I really do like this case. The blue glow coming from the front is a great touch, plus my power supply has the same color LED’s.  I’m so impressed with the Matrix VX that I think it?s found a new home. The case has a nice clean look to it and there is no front door. I?m a person that does not like doors on my cases and in today?s market it?s getting harder to find cases without doors. Inside the case I still have a lot of room to move around and add/remove components without having to disconnect anything.

In terms of pricing Thermaltake Matrix VX with the side window starts at $78 plus shipping, which is not that bad considering the Matrix VX looks really good and weighs nothing.

The Legit Bottom Line:
It’s a Thermaltake case for under 100.00 dollars. Whats not to like? The case looks great, has pleanty of room, and weighs just slightly more then the box it was shipped in.

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