Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Gaming Keyboard Review

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Unboxing the Meka G1

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

On the front of the box of the Meka G1, we are greeted with some marketing bullets. This keyboard apparently is tuned to run at 1000hz poling rate over USB. This does not really effect the speed at which a key registers, nor your gaming experience though. Continuing with that “Military Grade” marketing blurb, the keys on this keyboard (Cherry MX-Black variety) are rated at 50 million operations.
Thermaltake says that the 1000hz Polling Rate on USB will give you up to “8x Quicker Gaming Speed” though, it’s far beyond the limits of the human hand(s) to type or press a key that fast.

We’re also informed that this keyboard comes with an included wrist wrest, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 2 Audio Jacks for microphone and headphone connections.

All in all, that looks rather solid for a gaming keyboard.

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Here on the back of the box, just like the Challenger, we see the same marketing blurbs repeated in just about every language you can think of.

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Unlike the challengers packaging, this nice little overview is not flipped upside down. We also get a few more marketing blurbs about this keyboard in that it features multi-media keys.
Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Prev, Volume Up, Volume Down, & Mute are all present.

We also get to find out that this keyboard is both USB & PS/2 compatible. With 6 Key Rollover on USB and N Key Rollover on PS/2.
If you read the guide earlier, you’ll note that N-Key rollover allows you to press as many keys as you want, at one time.
6 Key rollover, limits you to any 6 keys on the keyboard. If implemented correctly (like it is on this keyboard) you will not have any ghosting present (where a key you did not press pops up), nor will you have any blocking when pressing up to 6 keys.

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Lifting that little bit up, we get to see the accessories of this keyboard. They are a bit sparse when you first open it up as the PS/2 Adapter & wrist wrest are still packaged inside with the keyboard.

Accessories wise, we have a product guide, eSports Catalog, and a Warranty Information booklet.

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