Thermaltake Element V Full ATX Tower Case Review

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Pretty Lights Images

Thermaltake Element V Colorshift Lights

The lights on this case are by far one of the coolest features. Normally I hate any sort of case lighting but my hate was temporarily soothed by the glow of these fans. It is hard to make out but this is the front and left side of the case with that gigantic 230mm fan dominating the scene.

Thermaltake Element V Blue Lights

Here are the lights when switched to the blue setting. The red in the background is from the LED on my Classified.

Thermaltake Element V Red Lights

Here are the red lights.

Thermaltake Element V Green Lights

Green lights, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Thermaltake Element V Mixed Lights

Mixed lights for those of you that like to blend stuff together.

Thermaltake Element V Mixed Lights

More mixed lights. There were two options for mixed lights.

Thermaltake Element V No Lights

Of course, there is also the option to completely disable the lights.

Here is a short video showing the various modes that the Colorshift lights can operate in. Ignore the music; while it matches the light show in feel, it was purely accidental.

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