Thermaltake Element V Full ATX Tower Case Review

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Build Images

Thermaltake Element V Build

For this build I crammed my EVGA X58 E760 Classified with the Thermaltake Contac 29 heatsink into the case along with the Asus HD4890, Corsair HX1000 and a Seagate 500GB 7200.10. Here you can faintly see the top of the Contac 29 through the case window.

Thermaltake Element V Build

I did my best to clean up the interior by routing cables through the handy holes in the motherboard tray. Everything fit in without too much fuss.

Thermaltake Element V EPS Connector

I had mentioned earlier about the +12v EPS connector on the power supply being a possible issue. With my HX1000 I had to snake the cable across the board in order to reach the connector on the board as it wasn’t long enough to cover the entire backside of the tray and then reach the connector. Besides this one small problem everything else was smooth sailing.

Thermaltake Element V Wiring Harness Build

Here’s the business end of the wiring mess. Thankfully, this is all hidden away with the door on the case but you can see how helpful those pass through holes are on the tray.

Thermaltake Element V ATX Tray Heatsink Hole

You can see how the socket for my EVGA X58 Classified doesn’t quite line up with the provided hole for bolt-through heatsinks. I’d advise attaching your heatsink before mounting your motherboard.

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