Thermaltake Element V Full ATX Tower Case Review

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The Thermaltake Element V

Today I have Thermaltake’s Element V full-sized ATX case up for review. The case combines a mixture of aesthetic and functional components to form a rather expansive home in which your computer can safely live. Thermaltake has a variety of cases in their product line but the Element series consists of a lineup of cases from the $49 Element Q to the $159.99 Element V. All of these cases follow a simple black aesthetic with red color accents and Colorshift fans.

Thermaltake Element V

The Thermaltake Element V is a full-sized ATX case measuring in at a hefty 31.15 lb of steel and plastic. Due to the weight the case is quite hefty but all this weight is a compromise in price and chassis rigidity. Besides being heavy the case is also quite large at 20.9 inches high, 8.7 inches wide and 21.1 inches long. This results in a lot of internal volume meaning the case can support Mini-ATX, ATX, and Extended ATX motherboards. Keep in mind the case has only 7 expansion slots, so some of the larger flagship motherboards like the EVGA X58 4-Way SLI Classified will not fit. Outside of these few oversized boards, though, you should be set. Thermaltake mentions that the longest graphic card you can fit in the case is 13.2 inches while the tallest cooler you can fit is 6.1 inches, which gives you enough room for most options on the market. For those individuals planning builds around NVIDIA’s upcoming GTX480, this case is “Fermi Certified”. The case can fit up to 5 5.25″ drives with external access and up to 6 3.5″ hard-drives in the two internal hard-drive caddies. Now let’s go on a photo tour of the Thermaltake Element V.

Thermaltake Element V Build

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