Thermaltake Element G Gaming Case Review

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Introduction and Unboxing

Today I am going to take a look at the recently released ThermalTake Element G computer case.  Here is what ThermalTake said about their case:

         The Element G case is geared towards enthusiast gamers who like to set an individual lighting ambiance fitting their mood and game play. The Element G is therefore equipped with unique 3 Touchcolor fans that can operate in 6 different modes. For the Element G series the designers had five key “exaggerated” elements in mind: Gaming, Glitz, Gradation, Gigantic, and Glaciation. The Element G is ideal for those looking for a highly exclusive chassis, that is ready for various gaming environments

This is the front of the box; it shows signs of handling from UPS but nothing major. As you can see it gives us a glimpse of the top and front of the Element G. Looking at the photo they took for the case I must say it appears to be an attractive case.

Thermaltake Element G
Moving to the side of the box you can see that it gives you a list of features. I will re-list these below. Even with the box in my possession the print was a bit small

Thermaltake Element G
Here is what is listed on this side of the box:


 Model  VL10001W2Z
 Case Type  Middle Tower
 Dimension (H*W*D  480.0(20.5)x230(9.1)x521(18.9)
 Net Weight  7.92Kg/17.46lb
 Side Panel  Mesh Window
 Color  Exterior and Interior Black

Front Bezel: Metal Mesh

Chassis: SECC

 Cooling System  

Front (Intake):

200x200x20 mm Touch Color Fan 600-800 RPM.  12-14dBA

Two 120×120 mm Fans Optional

Rear (Exhaust):

140 x 140 x 25 mm Turbofan, 1000rpm 16 dBA

Top (Exhaust)

200x200x20 mm Touch Color Fan 600-800 RPM.  12-14dBA

VGA (Exhaust)

Two 60×60 mm fans (Optional)

Side (Intake)

200x200x20 mm Touch Color Fan 600-800 RPM.  12- 14dBA


Drive Bay





3 x 5.25″

7 x 3.5″, 2 x 2.5″

 Expansion Slot  7
 Motherboard  9.6″x 9.6″ Micro ATX, 12″x 9.6″ ATX
 I/O Port  USB 2.0 x 4, HD Audio
 PSU  Standard ATX PSU (optional)
 Liquid Cooling Hole  Support 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″ water tube


Turning to the back of the box you can see there is a lot of info here.  I will go over these features in more detail on the next couple of pages.

Image Description
Turning to the final side of the box we see the final list of features.

Image Description

  • Gaming – Colorshift Fan with 6 color changing patterns for optimal gaming experience
  • Glittering – Three enlarged color shifting fans creates most eye catching appearance
  • Gradational – Adjustable fan speed control for performance mode or silent mode
  • Gigantic – Massive storage capability with 7 x 3.5″ and 2 x 2.5′ HDD or SSD bays
  • Glaciated – Excellent thermal performance with glacial airflow


Once done looking at the features of the ThermalTake Element G that are provided on the box it is time to open it up. As you can see below the ThermalTake Element G is packed in a relatively typical way.  Styrofoam is on the ends and it is wrapped in a protective cover.

Thermaltake Element G
I thought the Thermaltake label on the protective bag was sharp. It is much nicer to use it to protect your new case if you transport it to LAN games like I tend to.  Using this to protect your case during transport instead of your wife’s bath towels will draw much less spousal agro.

Thermaltake Element G
Read on to find out what the case has to offer on the outside.

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