Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler

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Thermatake DuOrb CPU Cooler

Thermaltake’s Orb line has been around for many years and first got everyone’s attention with the Golden Orb. In 2005 the Orb line was brought back with the Golden Orb II and Thermaltake has been releasing new versions just about every year since. Now they have sent us the next evolution of the Orb cooler: the dual Orb or DuOrb. Before we take a look at the cooler lets take a look at its features and specifications.


  • Extension of DuOrb Cooler Design
  • Copper base, Heatpipes and fins
  • Six Distinct Designed Heatpipes
  • Mirror Coating Copper Base
  • Double-Sided Radiant Heatpipes Penetrating Fins
  • Blue and Red LED Lights Fans
  • Dual 80mm Silent Fans
  • Smart Thermal Management


  • P/N: CL-P0464
  • Compatibility
  • Intel (Socket LGA 775) Core 2 Extreme Core 2 Quad Core 2 Duo Pentium D Pentium 4 Pentium Celeron D Celeron
  • AMD (Socket AM2/AM2+) Athlon 64 FX Athlon 64 X2 Athlon 64 Sempron
  • Dimension 202(L) x 106(W) x 86(H) mm
  • Heatsink Material
    • Copper/Aluminum Fins
    • Copper Base Heatpipe
    • Copper Pipe 6 mm DIA x 6
  • Fan Dimension Ø 80 x 20 mm
  • Rated Voltage 12V
  • Started Voltage 5V
  • Power Input 5.04W (2 Fans)
  • Fan Speed 2000 RPM
  • Max. Air Flow 37.67CFM
  • Max. Air Pressure 1.27 mmH2O
  • Noise 21dBA
  • Life Expectation 50,000hrs
  • Connector 3 Pin
  • Weight 598g
  • The packaging

    Thermatake DuOrb CPU Cooler

    The DuOrb’s box is simple and stylish, also allows clear view of the whole cooler.

    Thermatake DuOrb CPU Cooler

    The box shows not only the top of the cooler, as is the case with almost all coolers, but the base as well. I know it’s not an earth shattering innovation in packaging, but its definitely different. Everything is held in place and protected by a plastic clam shell.

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