Thermaltake Bigwater 760i Water Cooler Review

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Thermaltake Bigwater 760i


For years a water cooled PC was the sign of the ultimate enthusiast that had a system pushed to the breaking point. Well with CPUs getting hotter and hotter the idea of an average enthusiast making the move from high end air to water is becoming more and more common place, but it is still a big step to make. To help make this step easier, companies are releasing entry level kits that make this step as painless as possible. Today we will be looking at Thermaltake’s newest revision of its Bigwater line, the Bigwater 760i.

The Bigwater 760i is a preassembled drive bay configuration for mid-tower cases and larger. All the end user needs to do is install the drive unit, water block, and cut the lines to fit. Sounds simple enough, but before we get that far lets take a look at the specifications for the 760i.


  • P/N: CL-W0121
  • Dimension: 2U Bay Drives, 232mm(L) X 148.6mm(W) X 85mm(H)
  • Weight: 1.3(kg)
  • CPU Compatibility AMD AM2 series, AMD K8 series, Intel LGA775 Intel P4
  • Water Block
  • Material: All copper designed
  • Dimension: 58mm(L) X 58mm(W) X 35mm(H)
  • Quick install connector for 9.5mm ID (3/8”) tubing Weight 311(g)
  • Pump
    • Dimensions: 75(L) x 70(W) x 75(H) mm
    • Bearing: Ceramic bearing
    • Maximum Capacity: 500 L/ hr
    • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
    • Input current: 600 mA
    • Power Connector: 4 pin molex
    • Noise: 16 dBA
    • Life time: 80000 hr (MTBF)
  • Radiator
    • Dimensions: 153(L) x 120(W) x 28(H) mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Tube Design: Aluminum, Dimple
    • Fin Design: Aluminum, Louvered
    • Quick install connector for 9.5mm ID (3/8”) tubing
  • Fan
    • Dimension: 120(L) x 120(w) x 25(H) mm
    • Speed: 1600~2400 RPM
    • Rated Voltage: 12V
    • Noise: 16 ~20 dB
    • Life Expectancy: 40,000 hr
    • Connector: 4pin molex
  • Liquid Tank
    • Dimensions: 72.4 (L) x 70.5(W) x 69.4(H) mm
    • Capacity: 130 c.c
    • Quick install connector for 9.5mm ID(3/8”) tube
  • Tube
    • Dimensions: 9.5mm ID(3/8”) tube
    • Material: Green UV
  • Coolant
    • Capacity: 500 c.c
    • Major Material Ingredient: Ethylene Glycol
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