Thermaltake Armor+ MX Midtower ATX Computer Case

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External Impressions

Front of the Thermaltake Armor +MX

Looking at the front it looks like any armor case from the past. The Aluminum side guards that give the Armor case it unique look are also where most of its weight comes from.

Hinges for the Thermaltake Armor +MX Side Guards

Looking closer at the hinges of the front guards we can see the steel tabs and magnets that hold them closed. The hinge pins can also be slid out of the way to remove the guards. This has to be done if you want to remove the front panel.

Thermaltake Armor +MX Drive Bay Covers

The drive bay covers are some of the highest quality that I have seen, and easiest to take out and put back in. The center mesh part swings out unlocking it from the front bezel. Putting it back in is just as easy.

Thermaltake Armor +MX

Looking closer at the bottom of the case there is a very nice feature, whether it’s intentional or not. Pretty much every case I have ever had I had to rock to one side or the other to get my hand under it to pick it up. Thermaltake has space on the front and black of the case that is big enough to get you hand into to pick the case up.

Thermaltake Armor +MX Side Panel

Looking around to the side we can see the side panel has a 230mm blue LED fan. The Thermaltake logo is not a sticker or frosted effect on the side panel window; it is carved out of the side window and is a good 1/16” deep.

Thermaltake Armor +MX Side Latches

Looking at the top back corner of the side panel we can see the door release latches. These should be enough to keep the side panel closed, but there are thumb screws as well. We can also see another little feature for the side window as the glass looks riveted in.

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