Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Review

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Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case External Impressions (Continued)

The front bezel of the Thermaltake Armor A60 is a very attractive blend of mesh and solid plastic with a heavy emphasis on

the mesh. There are three external 5.25 bays and a single external 3.5 bay. The front bezel is also where Thermaltake has

chosen to locate the front i/o ports; on the upper right hand side you will see a USB 2.0 slot, the usual jacks for headphones

and a microphone as well as the featured USB 3.0 slot and an E-SATA connector. To the left of the E-SATA connector is the reset

button and below both of those is, of course, the power button.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case I/O Ports

The lower part of the front bezel is made mostly of mesh and has

a set of triangular panels that allow for the airflow of the internal 120mm intake fan that is located at the lower front of

the case. With more and more cases featuring the front i/o ports on the top of the case, I have to admit that I did find

myself wishing that they were located on the top as well on the Armor A60. However, they do look nice and do not get in the way so

I really have no basis to complain. One thing I can complain about, though, is the fact that there is only one USB 2.0 slot on

the front of the case. I wish there had been at least one more just simply for the fact of being able to connect multiple

devices without having to reach around the back of the case. Even if you count the USB 3.0 slot, that still is just not enough

for me, personally. The front of the case also features a blue LED to indicate that the power is on and a red hard drive

indicating LED that flashes when there is hard drive activity. To give you access to the front of the case behind the bezel, it

is easily removable just by simply pulling on it a bit. It is not connected like a lot of other bezels with the tabs that run

along the inside lip of the side of the case.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Bezel

Let’s take a look at the back of this guy. At the back we can see the fan grill for the included 120 MM exhaust fan that is

located near the top. We can also see that Thermaltake has added holes and grommets for water cooling hoses at both the top and

the bottom of the case. As mentioned before, the power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case and is visible from the rear

of the case as is all of the add-on card slots and the rear i/o panel for the motherboard.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Back

The top of the case, just like the rest of the case, looks like it was designed with heavy airflow in mind as it sports spots

for not just one, but two fans. The first is for a 200 MM fan and the second one right next to it is for a 120 MM fan.

The top also features the same stamps as the rest of the case.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case top

Since this is a bottom mounted power supply style case, and gives you the ability to install an intake fan in the bottom of

the case Thermaltake has put four nice sized round feet on the bottom of the case that raise the case up enough to not hinder

the airflow.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Bottom

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