Thermalright Shows The Passive HR-22 CPU Cooler

Thermalright has posted up pictures of the companies upcoming HR-22 CPU cooler, which will be Thermalright’s flagship cooler for early 2013. Thermalright has been making passive CPU coolers for years, and many of you might remember the HR-01 and HR02 coolers. This means the HR-22 is the third revision of the companies passive cooler line. Not much is known about the cooler at this time, but Thermalright says that it has eight heatpipes and 35 aluminum cooling fins! It does support cooling fans if you want to use them. You can see the only picture released of this new cooler below.

Thermalright HR-22

Thermalright’s signature model the HR-02, has turn the impossible to possible and shown the world the power of passive cooling. Now we introduce to you our next masterpiece, the HR-22.


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