The Vapochill Micro Review

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Is The Micro Worth It?

Vapochill Micro Retail package

Final Thoughts

I have to say that I found the Vapochill Micro to be an outstanding product. Not only did it obliterate the stock AMD cooling solution, but the temperatures produced by the Extreme and High End models were on par with both water cooling kits I use on my system, at least at stock speeds. Please understand that, at least in the Koolance Exos’ 2 case, the kit cools not just the CPU, but the chipset, the video card, and the HDD. I also have to say, that with the cooling fan running at its full speed, the Vapochill Micro Extreme is a very loud cooler, however the variable speed fan will allow the user to adjust it to find the right balance of noise and performance.

The design and construction of the Vapochill Micro is outstanding (with one exception we’ll cover in a minute). Although the base could use a good lapping, and a better thermal paste would undoubtedly improve the performance further, its hard to argue with the results.

When it came to the installation, the Micro is as easy as they come, after mounting the fan to the cooler, the entire process was done in under a minute…. and when you consider that the Micro does not require the user to remove the motherboard for installation, it suddenly becomes a very attractive alternative the stock AMD cooler and most other cooling solutions on the market.

A couple of issues I did have with the Vapochill Micro were the very poorly thought out fan shroud. The plastic design really took away from the overall quality of the cooler and seems like it would be easily broken after repeatedly removing the fan. I think this is an easily corrected issue, and in the end does not take away from the overall performance of the Micro. 

The only other issue I have with the Micro is the different kits. Why release three versions? Why not simply release a single version with a fan controller? The Extreme Performance comes with a fan controller that allows the fan to be adjusted anywhere from <28dB(A) to 39dB(A), which encompassses the full range of the other kits (Ultra Low Noise 28dB(A) and High End (35dB(A). I think a single kit would have been sufficient and would prevent any confusion for the end user.   

Legit Bottom Line

Featuring a great design, and incredibly easy assembly and installation, the Vapochill Micro is a great product. From my  own experiences I’d have to put the Vapochill Micro Extreme Performance in the same class as the  Thermalright XP-120 and XP-90C, in my opinion the best air cooled solutions available.

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