The Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps of 2008

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Weather and Random Food

The Weather Channel (Site) – No big mystery here, it’s a weather app. Like the Weather Channel web site, you can view current, hourly, 36 hour or 10 day forecasts. It also offers a radar map, video forecasts (just like on TV) and severe weather alerts. I like this much better than the weather app that comes standard and a few others I have tried.



Weather App 1   Weather App 2

Weather App 4   Weather App 3

Urbanspoon (Site) – Can’t decide where/what to eat? Let Urbanspoon decide for you – slot machine style! This is a very simple to use app that will help randomly choose a restaurant based on criteria you provide (if any). You can lock in any one of the following: location, food type and relative cost. Or don’t lock in any. Once you are ready, literally shake the iPhone and the slot-type wheels spin and land on a restaurant. Once chosen, it will display information about it such as location, phone number, % of people who liked it and a link to read reviews. You can invite friends to share restaurant opinions and compare notes, browse the list or search for a specific restaurant. With the GPS functionality of the iPhone, it can automatically determine your location and provide a list as well. If you are an adventurous diner, this is the app for you. This has also been recently featured on iPhone television ads.


UrbanSpoon App 1   UrbanSpoon App 2

UrbanSpoon App 3

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