The Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps of 2008

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Convert and Research

Units – This is a measurement conversion application with modes for area, currency, energy, temperature, time, length, weight, volume and a bunch more. It is extremely easy to use. Choose the mode, the “from” measurement (i.e. miles), the “to” measurement (i.e. kilometers) and enter the amount. Results are immediate and you can even swap the “to” and “from” measurements with a touch of a virtual button. Exchange rates for currency can be updated on demand and specify frequently used modes via main screen shortcuts. The currency converter is extremely helpful if you travel internationally a lot.


Units App 1   Units App 2

Units App 3

Wikipanion (Site) – Basically, this is Wikipedia mobile. It allows you to search Wikipedia and display the information about the subject you are looking to learn more about. You can view the list of contents, categories, search within the page, adjust the font size, and more. It’s exactly what you would expect for a mobile version of Wikipedia.


Wiki App 1   Wiki App 2

Wiki App 3

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