The Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps of 2008

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Track Your Money and Teams

Pocket Money (Site) – a great finance application for keeping track of account balances and transactions. I use this for my check register as well as tracking other accounts like savings. No more balancing the checkbook. All mathematics are done for you, showing cleared and un-cleared balances. You can password protect the application (highly recommended) and customize the views and settings.

 PRICE: $9.99

Pocket Money 1   Pocket Money 2

Entering data is quick and easy. I had some issues with the first version I used with some crashing but since the last update, it seems much more stable. This is the most expensive app listed here by far but for me, the convenience is well worth it. Even though it is password protected, I would recommend also password protecting your device.


Pocket Money 3   Pocket Money 4

SportsTap (Site) – Everyone needs a good app to track their favorite teams while on the go. SportsTap is just such an app. You can view updates for the NFL, MLB, PGA, NCAA, NASCAR, CFL, MLS, and more. You can also customize your “LocalTap” to bring up your favorite teams. Scores update every minute and you can also view news and rankings. The application is relatively quick and easy to navigate.


SportsTap 1   SportsTap 2

SportsTap 3   SportsTap 4

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