The Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps of 2008

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Make Your iPhone Sing

Ambiance – A noise generation application with sounds ranging from haunting winds to snoring and rain. There is a volume control, a timer with several options for alarms, etc. This is a great app for falling asleep or relaxing during a stressful day at work. However, the sounds quit once you exit the application unlike the iPod mode where you can use the iPhone for other purposes. This is common in apps like this but I would like to see it changed. There is a similar program call aSleep for the same price with some different sounds (many similar) but I personally prefer the interface on Ambiance.

PRICE: $0.99

Ambiance App 1   Ambiance App 2

Ambiance App 3   Ambiance App 4

Pandora (Site) – Tired of your music collection? Pandora allows you to listen “radio style” to artists that are similar to one you choose. You can set your own radio stations based on an artist you specify. Pandora will pick similar music based on the music type identified by the Music Genome Project. You can give the “thumbs up” or down to the song playing and giving a “thumbs down” will skip to the next song. However, you can only skip 6 songs per hour on each station. The sound quality is also surprisingly good for streamed music. Sadly, it is rumored that the demise of Pandora radio may be on the horizon (along with some others) due to complaints from the RIAA surrounding the broadcast of music royalty free. This is another audio app that quits playing when you close it. There is also a relatively unobtrusive ad banner that pops up on each song. It can be removed from view but will display again on the next song. This is a small price to pay for free tunes.



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