The SkyHawk IMC6375 EchoQ SFF PC

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Final Thoughts

Case Front

There are many brands of small form factor PC?s on the market. While media PC?s are becoming both more popular and more common, high end media PC?s can easily run over $2000. This unit should rival the results of many on the market at less than half the cost. The IMC6375 is the perfect size for a media PC, and yet it still packs the punch to be a decent gaming PC for LAN parties. The issues to keep in mind are the limited PSU power and the lack of available cooling for over-clockers.

If you want to make this a LAN Party or gaming PC then you will need to plan your component choices carefully. If you want a more powerful video card such as an ATI x800, then you will need to install a SATA hard drive or SATA optical, otherwise you will not have the needed 4 pin molex for the video card. You can run an ATI 9600XT and not worry about the video card power, since the 9600XT does not require and external power source. But of course your performance and frame rates will suffer accordingly.

open case

The system was easy enough to assemble, just keep in mind that the space is tight, so be a little patient and read the instructions first. Yes, I did say read the instructions first, trust me on this one, it pays to read the instructions! There are a few little ?secret? ways to install full size cards and drives into a half size chassis. With that said I want to mention that this is a nice Small Form Factor PC which I do recommend. It is stylish and compact, yet powerful enough for just about any application you choose.

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The Legit Bottom Line

An outstanding choice for a DIY media center, and with optional components, a good LAN Party candidate.

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