The SkyHawk IMC6375 EchoQ SFF PC

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External Impression

Case Front

The IMC6375 is very light weight and easily portable, measuring (D)12.2?x (W)7.9?x (H)7.2?, and is made of light weight 1.0mm thick high quality aluminum.  The finish is a shiny but brushed aluminum with a high gloss silver face plate.  The face has a single external 5.25? bay (CD/DVD-ROM) as well as single 3.5? floppy drive bay.  

I appreciate that a blank silver plate is included in case the user chooses not to use a floppy drive. My first fear was that I would have to try to find a DVD/CD Burner with a silver face plate in order to keep the same clean look that makes the IMC6375 so easy on the eyes. I was again pleased to see that the developers at Skyhawk thought of this in advance and created a cover that will work with most CD/DVD-ROM units.

The CD/DVD-ROM is easily loaded and placed flush against the inside of the folding front door. The external button in on the drive should line up with the CD/DVD-ROM that is installed and in turn be able to operate the drive flawlessly. The folding door of the bay should easily fold down and allow the CD/DVD-ROM tray to open and close without a snag.

The front of the case hides a ?Mini-I/O? port that includes two USB 2.0, one Audio In/Out, and one IEEE 1394 port. These ports will come in handy for quick use of headphones and USB devices such as a wireless network card and a USB memory drive.

Side Panel

Both sides of the IMC6375 chassis are identical, with three rows of angled vents, which direct air toward the board and other components. I found the ventilation to be quite adequate while not taking away from the overall look of the case.

The rear of the case includes an I/O board with two PS2, one COM, one VGA, one USB 2.0, one IEEE 1394, one Line in, one MIC, one Speaker, and an Ethernet connection.  The AGP and PCI card slots are covered by a thin, tabbed piece of metal that must be carefully broken off (from the inside) and discarded to gain access to the slots. I mentioned that they are to be discarded, because they are not reusable once they are removed.

Case Rear

I would have preferred to have seen the standard reusable metal slot covers that are common on most cases. The vent that you may notice in the middle of the case is the CPU cooler ported exhaust vent. You will see this in use as we move to the internal workings of the chassis.

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