The OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler Review

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Test 2: The Average Enthusiast

Profile 2: The Average Enthusiast (Mild Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 7x
  • CPU voltage: 1.4000V
  • FSB Voltage: 1.30V
  • FSB: 1600MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 2.20V
  • Final CPU Frequency: 2.80GHz

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooling System Benchmarking

Results: When the processor was overclocked and the voltages increased, the temperatures increased, and the Vindicator started to show weakness. At load, it was 10C warmer than the Big Typhoon VX and wasn’t able to handle our ‘extreme’ overclock at the system would blue screen when the CPU Voltage was increased to 1.5V.  Our testing of the Vindicator stops here, not because we were lazy, but because the OCZ Vindicator wasn’t able to cool the processor adequately.  

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooling System Benchmarking

Results: No big shocker here on the power consumption as the Vindicator and Big Typhoon came in the rear thanks to the use of a single cooling fan and no pumps or TECs.   

Let’s wrap up our thoughts on the Vindicator.

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