The Intel P35 Chipset Motherboard Round-Up – Abit, ASUS, Foxconn

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

intel p35 chipset roundup


So where do we end this thing?  Like we do all our other reviews, by letting you make a decision based on the facts that were presented in this round-up.  Each of these boards has a strength, whether it is in its performance, bundle or price.  So let’s break it down.

You have the full gammit here.  Everything from $100 to $300 is represented, so depending on what you are looking for will determine what you are going to pay and what kind of value you get.  Let’s break it down with each board.

The Abit IP35 Pro falls in at around $190.  This board did not whoo us by leading the pack with great numbers, but it scored well across the board.  It was a very good overclocker, and comes packaged average for a board at the $190 point. 

The ECS P35T-A is the least expensive of the boards right at $100.  It did well as far as stock performance goes, but the overclocking of the board was pathetic.  The bundle was also not much to speak of.  This board is great for the individual who wants an entry level P35 board that performs well at stock.

The Foxconn P35A-S is regularly priced at around $150. This board was a diamond in the rough.  I say that only because I did not expect the board to do as well as it did.  The bundle is nothing to write home about, and the performance was not a pack leader, but like the Abit, it held its own and was very consistant across the range of tests we put it through.  Overclocking was great at the default multiplier, though it was not able to do as well as some of the others when we lowered the multiplier.  At this moment, the board actually has a rebate available, which puts it at the $110 range, which makes this just an outstanding value.

The Gigabyte P35-DS3R is around $130 at your fav etailer.  This board is a good performer, comes with a pretty decent bundle, and was also a nice little overclocker, not quite reaching the heights of some of the others at the default multiplier, but pretty much just as good with the lower multiplier.

I know, Asus starts with “A” and should have been toward the top… but that is the reason the Asus boards are here at the bottom, they were on the top, in more ways than one…

The Asus Blitz Formula was just a wonderful board to work with.  It was great in every area, including the price!  This board can be fond for somewhere between $275 and $300, which puts it at the most expensive motherboard inthis round-up, but you get more than with any other boards as well.  First off, the innovation that Asus brings to the table with the ready-to-go water cooling of the North Bridge is awesome.  The board also was near the very top in performance, only being beat out by its “little” brother, if we can call it that.  The bundle that comes with the Blitz is nothing short of outstanding.  Overclocking seems to be synonomous with the name Asus, and this board did not fail overclocking like a beast, and once again, only beat out by its “little” brother.

The Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi-AP is that little brother.  Its pricing is right at $225 right now, making it the second most expensive board in the round-up.  Its performance was tops in this round-up, beating every board overall.  The bundle is a little weak for this price, but was enough to get you up and running and then some.  This board was the best overclocker in both default and lower multiplier settings, so you get the best in one board.  It is hard not to recommend this board if you are looking at spending over $200.  The Blitz Formula is just as good and comes with a better bundle, so you have to decide if it is worth it to you and if you need the extra stuff.

While all the boards performed admirably, we have to say that there are three recommendations here.  If your budget is unlimited, than the Asus Blitz Formula is what you want to get.  If you are not in need of the frills of that board, than the Asus P5K Deluxe is a fantastic board to get, and will be as good a performer as you can find right now.  Both of these boards get our editors choice award.

intel p35 chipset roundup

Our other recommendation would have to be the Foxconn P35A-S, especially with the rebate that puts it at $110 right now.  It is a fantastic value that performs as good as it is priced right now.  This board is worthy of our value award.

intel p35 chipset roundup

Legit Bottom Line: The P35 chipset is an enthusiasts dream.  The chipset is made even better my being placed on some outstanding boards, especially the likes of Asus and Foxconn that we have looked at here in this review.

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