The ‘Google Generation’ is Considered Brain-Dead

A leading British inventor, Trevor Baylis, says the youth of today are becoming brain-dead.  He feels that the current generation of children are becoming very reliant on Google, unable to invent their own things, while calling them the “Google Generation.”  I will be honest, I do use Google to search for a lot of things, but only because it’s very convenient!  I did grow up playing in a real sandbox, not a virtual one, so when it comes to being creative, I try my best!

Trevor Baylis

‘They are dependent on Google searches. A lot of kids will become fairly brain-dead if they become so dependent on the internet, because they will not be able to do things the old-fashioned way.’

Recalling how his career had its roots in the very different world in which he grew up, he said he was about five or six years old when he began to invent devices. ‘During the war, when I was not at school I used to go out and collect the rubbish,’ said Mr Baylis.


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