The Gigabyte P35-DS3R Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

We were unsure of what to expect when it came to the new Intel P35 chipset.  We thought the possibility of being a great overclocker existed because of the great results we saw on the Intel 975 and 965 boards.  We set out on out overclocking journey, and though we broke no records, we did see some great results from theis baby chipset.  hopefully the chipset can be refined, and motherboard designers will be able to find ways to tweak things even more as they have more time to look at this chipset.  Anyways, let’s look at the results of the overclocking we got with the default 9x multiplier…

Yup, not to shabby as we got to a fsb of 390.  This is a little behind what we have been able to do on the Nvidia chipsets and on a few of our 965 boards, but it is respectable. 

As we dove further into our overclocking, we set the divider to 7x and let the fsb fly!  We were impressed withour final results as we reached a level of 499fsb.  this was really a great overclock, and we were excited to see that the board handled such a high fsb so well.

Our overclocking results of the Gigabyte P35-DS3R were better than the results that we got with our Gigabyte DQ6 motherboard review.  In that review, the DQ6 only reached 387 fsb on the default multiplier setting, while we reached 390 fsb with the P35 board.  Even in our low multiplier overclocking, we saw the P35 board reach 499 fsb while the DQ6 was only able to reach 491.  Great job Gigabyte and Intel!

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