The evga 650i Ultra 775 A1 Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts And Conclusion

The eVGA 650i Ultra 775 A1 motherboard amazed us throughout the testing process here at Legit Reviews.  It is hard to fathom how good a board you can actually get at the price that this board will be selling at.  At the moment, we have been able to find the board at Newegg for $99 after rebate.  That is just incredible!  This little dynamo finds itself being priced where nothing else in the budget category will be able to stack up against it.

The performance of the eVGA 650i Ultra 774 A1 was just outstanding.   There was nothing that we could look at and say the this board, or better yet, this chipset disappointed us in… not one thing.  It was able to stay with board that were up to three times the cost.

The layout of the board was just fine, posing no issues at all.  In fact, with the lack of a few of the extras that other boards have on them, it actually made the board very clean and desirable to work with.

The bundle was not extravagant by any means, but it certainly was more than what is expected out of a budget board.  And actually it included more than we have gotten on some boards that cost 50% more.

Overclocking on this board was just absolutely incredible.  If I were have predicted that this board would do so well at its price point, most of our readers would have laughed at me.  Truth be told, the overclocking on this board is equal to or better than most boards that are out there, no matter what price point you look at.

All in all, if I were to just write this conclusion and not tell you which board I was writing about, you would likely assume right off that bat that it was an expensive flagship board and chipset.

Legit Bottom Line: The eVGA 650i Ultra 775 A1 motherboard rocks!  If you are budget conscious, performance conscious or just plain conscious this is one that is high on the list of must haves!  in fact, it was so impressive we give the eVGA 650i Ultra 775 A1 our Editor’s Choice Award!

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