The evga 650i Ultra 775 A1 Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

Overclocking on this 650i Ultra board was just extremely easy!  I actually never had any issues, and NEVER had to use the clear CMOS jumper, which is just amazing.  Considering this is a budget board, my expectations were not high, but reserved.  I was just amazed to find out that we had actually broken a record that we had set on this 6600 CPU.  It was only by 1 fsb, but it all counts in overclocking!  take a look!

Next, we set out to see how high we could push the fsb.  Though it was no record, it was not far from it as we ended up at… well, just take a look…

Pretty amazing for a sub-$100 board!  This thing was just great for overclocking, and really makes it hard to justify some other boards that are priced WAY above this one.  But that is the stuff conclusions are made of, so let’s get there!

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