The Corsair 2GB PC2-10000C5 Dominator Memory Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Each of these memory kits have been verified by Corsair to operate at 1250MHz at latencies of 5-5-5-18 prior to shipping them out, so the chances of getting a dead kit are next to none. All of the Twin2X2048-10000C5DF kits come with Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP), which aide users in setting up their systems. The EPP SPD’s on Corsair modules allow users to automatically configure EPP enabled motherboards with aggressive memory performance settings, for maximum memory and system performance. For those that don’t have motherboards that support EPP you’ll find yourself manually setting the timings as the SPD is set for 5-5-5-18 at 800MHz.

Corsair PC2-10000C5DF Label

The Corsair XMS2-10000 modules do come backed with the legendary Corsair lifetime warranty, so if something goes wrong down the road you don’t have to worry. This means that the kit is guaranteed to operate, as specified by their datasheet and in the operating environment for which they were intended, for the life of the product.

Key Features:

  • Memory amount: 2 x 1024MB
  • 240-pin Unbuffered DIMM 
  • IC Brand: Micron D9 (64Mx8 Configuration) 
  • 1250MHz (PC2-10000) Unbuffered non-ECC DDR2 Modules
  • CAS latency: 5 clock cycles
  • RAS precharge: 5 cycles
  • RAS active to precharge: 18 cycles
  • DOMINATOR heat sinks for thermal diffusion
  • Latency: 5-5-5-18 2T 
  • Power Required:2.40V
  • Lifetime Warranty

Corsiar PC2-10000 Dominators and Airflow

The heat spreaders can not be easily removed from the modules, but we know for a fact that these modules are based on highly screened and sorted Micron IC’s.   The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) ID was 50-00170B-G, which is a design that has been made by Corsair. 

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