The Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CAC-T05-WWA)

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Jason’s Thoughts & the Legit Bottom Line

Jason’s Thoughts

The Case

On the positive side Cooler Master did a wonderful job with their tool-less design, both locking systems did a great job securing their individual components without issue and made installation a breeze. Cooler Master also made a very nice improvement to the front cover system. Their new design, with the individual covers secured by screws instead of plastic clips also ensures that your new case will keep its clean, undamaged look for as long as you own it.

Although Cooler Master did not use a removable motherboard tray, installation of interior components was a breeze due to a very nice and very clean layout. The Cooler Master Centurion 5 is a great looking case. The clear side panel is a nice touch, and adding a cold cathode light would highlight the Centurion logo quite nicely.

On the negative side I have to chide Cooler Master for their fan selection. If their choice was quiet operation over air flow, why not use two 120mm fans? The 80mm intake fan was totally inadequate to even cool the hard drives placed right behind it.

I also question Cooler Masters decision to use a 350W PSU. While a great looking and incredibly sturdy case, I would rather they chose to not include a PSU, and charge $20-25 less, or charge a bit more and include an adequate power supply.


The Legit Bottom Line

Cooler Master has always been known for quality, and for the most part this case is no exception. The Centurion 5 could have been a great case had Cooler Master made better choices with the fans (two 120mm instead of an 80mm and 120mm), and the power supply.(AT LEAST 400W).

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