The AsRock ConRoe1333-eSATA2 & ConRoe1333-D667 Motherboard Reviews

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The AsRock ConRoe1333-eSATA2 Bundle and BIOS

ASRock continues with its space theme for box design.  And no, the LR logo is not actually on the box!  Would be a nice touch though…

The bundle included contain four SATA cables, an IDE and floppy cable.  SATA power adaptors, USB and Firewire header, your backplate, and of course your documentation and CD containing drivers and apps.  Pretty much a typical bundle that you get these days.

ASRock implements th AMI BIOS for this board. 

The advanced page is wehre we will find the few things that are adjustable on the board.  I say few, because there really is not much offered on this board that will allow you to do much tweaking.

FSB is actually selectable up to 500, but that is WAY overkill, as you will see.

The memory divider can only be set at DDR2 667 at the highest.  As you can see, only the most basic of timings can be adjusted for your ram as well.

There is not much available in the bios for voltage.  The VCCM can be adjusted, but options are words instead of actual voltage values, which is strange.  You go from low to high, with auto as an option as well.

The 1.5v options are just as vague.  You have normal or high.  That is it for the voltage control on this board.  No vcore, no vdimm… nothing that will actually help you in overclocking the board.

I can only guess that ASRock’s answer for lack of overclocking in the BIOS is an auto-overclocker that allows you to set what I would guess would be tighter ram timings to get a littel boost in performance.  We actually saw no real performance difference at any setting that was chosen.

The health page is also very vague, but I guess if you have very little voltage control, there is not much you need to look at.  Let’s move on.

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