The Antec Performance TX1050B Case Review

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Final Thoughts

The Antec TX1050B

As impressed as I was with the Titan 550, it pales in comparison to the Antec Performance TX1050B.

With a fantastic external look, and an even more impressive interior design, topped with an immense amount of room and excellent cooling properties, Antec is really raising the bar when it comes to high quality enclosues. Though this case is marketed as a Server case, I think the average home user who doesn’t attend LAN parties will appreciate this case for its cooling, durability, and looks. Although it lacks a removable motherboard tray there is plenty of room for installation and multiple layout configurations. Couple that with plenty of room to store and route cables, multiple fan mounts, and  not a single rough edge, and the TX1050B is a dream to work with. I also think everyone will greatly appreciate the inclusion of the SmartPower 2.0 PSU, not only are you getting a top notch case, but topping it off with a top notch power supply makes this a great deal.

The only real drawback I could find with this case was the front bezel. Not to beat a dead horse, but to build such a wonderful and durable enclosure, then put a plastic bezel is akin to taking Salma Hayek and having her chase parked cars (For the slow people, a great body with a messed up grill). If Antec had instead used the same 1.0mm steel for the front bezel, this case would be as close to perfect as a chassis could be. Outside of that, my only gripe was the use of 80mm fans for cooling the HDD and PCI/-E slots, 120mm would have been quieter and cooler.

Other than that, the Performance TX1050B is an awesome enclosure, and demonstrates why many consider Antec to be among the best case builders around.

TX1050B inside view

The Legit Bottom Line

Antec’s Performance TX1050B is the perfect case for anyone who needs a durable chassis. With excellent cooling and enough room to hide a small child, it fits any need, except the ability to use it as a LAN party rig. the inclusion of Antec’s SmartPower 2.0 makes this an incredible deal.

TX1050 Retail Package

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