The Antec P150 Quiet PC Case Review

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The Final Product

With the optical drive, hard drives, motherboard, and video card installed the wiring on the Antec P150 was a breeze.  There is a cable organizer located on the right side of the hard drive cage.  This cable organizer consists of six hooks that allow you to wrap up extra cables to keep the front of the case clean.  As you can tell from the image below it really does work!

Image Description

The purple label on the Antec Neo HE430 power supply goes along nicely with the purple ECS 945G-M3 motherboard and Corsair’s purple label on their DDR2 memory. We only needed to add two of the six available modularized cables, which really made for a clean clutter free case!

Final Thoughts:

The Antec P150 “Super Quiet Mini Tower Case” proved to feature many updates versus the older Antec Sonata that I was replacing.  During installing the system I was unable to find any rough edges and only needed a Phillips screwdriver to secure the components to the case making installation quick and easy.  This is a case that a first time builder could purchase and use without having and issues at all, which is critical on a first system builds. 

The NEO HE430 power supply is a nice touch to have and being modular made the system installation simple and clean. The only thing lacking was an 8-pin +12V power connector. By just having a single 4-pin +12V connector many of the most recent high end systems would not work with this power supply. I was able to run an Intel 660 Pentium 4 processor on an ECS 945G-M3 motherboard with 2GB of Corsair PC2-6400 memory an XFX GeForce 7600GS video card and a couple hard drives on the NEO HE430 with no issues at all and that is a pretty power hungry system running at 3.6GHz. If you want to run the latest Crossfire or SLI configurations a bigger and stronger power supply will be needed like the Antec NEO HE550.

When it comes to pricing the Antec P150 comes like you have seen here for just $113.98 + shipping over at Newegg. If you price the Neo HE430 you will be shocked to see that Newegg charges $85.75 + shipping on the power supply alone! By looking at the math you are paying an extra $28.23 for the case over the cost of the power supply. Now that is a steal if I have ever seen one. 

For a case with a modular 430W power supply with a combined +12V rail of 32A, suspension hard drive mounting for three drives, and sound-deadening installation on the inside it’s hard to pass this case up for under $115.  Our hats off to Antec for the P150 and taking something simplistic on the outside and turning it into a winner on the inside!

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