Tekken 7 Unveils Next DLC Fighter

Fans of fighting games like “EVO” and “Tekken 7” like how new fighters come to the mix to give you new skills to amster. “Tekken 7” has a new DLC fighter coming soon and this time out the fighter is from “Fatal Fury”. The new fighter is none other than bad guy Geese Howard and fans of the “Fatal Fury” franchise will certainly recognize him.

Howard will also be joined by another guest character reports Gamerant and that other character will be someone that fans of the “Street Fighter” franchise will recognize. That character is Akuma, who also happens to be a bad guy. Adding DLC baddies seems to be a pattern heading into fall and winter.

Back in the earlier days of gaming it was unheard of for characters to travel across franchises to turn up in other games. It’s a cool thing though and has become very common in the gaming world today. Gamerant says that entire franchises are built around the appeal of characters from other games fighting each other.

One notable result of the crossover fighting character is Sub-Zero turning up in “Injustice 2”. It’s not exactly clear when both of the new “Tekken 7” DLC characters will be available to download. “Tekken 7” itself is available now for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.