Team Fortress Releases Short Film ‘Expiration Date’

The Team Fortress Youtube channel has uploaded ‘Expiration Date‘, a new short built on Source Filmmaker. We’ve seen some extraordinary things come out of SFM in the past, but this 15 minute epic takes the cake. The short follows the Red team through a dramatic sequence of events following the discovery that the teleporters have been creating fatal tumorous growths inside the team and what they decide to do with the time they have left.

Expiration Date

[youtube width=”640″ height=”340″][/youtube]

While the production level on the promotional short is incredible, it’s hard not to notice that the engine is showing it’s age. Source debuted in mid-2004 with Counter-Strike: Source (a re-build on the new engine) and Half-Life 2. Valve’s update approach to Source has been a bit underspoken, seeming to focus more on compatibility and portability over advances in graphical fidelity. Perhaps Valve is just aiming for the games to be playable on a lower-spec’d average of PC. However, there have been alleged leaks of a Source 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 prototype presentation (given rise by a Neogaf user called ‘CBOAT’) floating around the web since earlier this year.

Alleged Source 2 Leak

Alleged Source 2 Leak

Regardless, it’s still pretty cool to see what Valve can pull off with the aging engine.