TDK Makes 6TB Hard Disk Drives Possible With New Density Record

Once again hard disk drives get a boost, this time at the hands of TDK which has hit a new density record of 1.5Tb per square inch. This allows a 3.5-inch HDD to have a capacity of 2TB per platter. Of course they didn’t make this discovery alone it was achieved with the help of Showa Denko K.K, together they improved the magnetic head and hard disk medium making this advancement possible. Another impact of this discovery is the fact that 2.5-inch drives used for notebooks would see an increase as well with 1TB HDDs becoming more common. TDK will be showcasing the technology at CEATEC this week. Volume production won’t happen until 2013.


Solid state drives are continuing to build momentum as a speedy and rugged replacement for traditional spinning drive. TDK’s ongoing research into mechanical hard drives, however, suggests that we shouldn’t give up on the legacy technology just yet. The company recently announced a new milestone that will increase recording density in future drives by 50 percent.


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