Tagan A+ Curbic Mid Tower Case Review

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Installing Parts and Final Thoughts

Tagan Aplus Curbic accessories

The accessories for the Curbic are slim, but it has everything required for mounting your hardware in the case.

Tagan Aplus Curbic

Installing parts into the Curbic was easy and very straight forward. The interesting part was trying to find a place to hide the wires for my PSU. I eventually stuffed the extra wires into the empty 5.25” bays, so a modular PSU would be a very good idea for this case.

I also noticed that with the large video cards you may lose the ability to hold a 5th hard drive. The power connectors will hit each other. If you’re running SLI/crossfire then you could have more issues yet, but chances are if you’re running SLI/Crossfire you’re going to be running them in a larger case than this. I’m not saying that you couldn’t run two cards in this case, but it will get very tight very quickly.

Tagan Aplus Curbic

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Tagan found a nice balance of budget building practice, style, and features. The Curbic looks very nice with the mesh front panel and blue LED fans. The case was surprisingly quiet for running two 180mm fans. On high they are very much in the range of what would be considered livable for a desktop; with the fans on low it was very quiet.

The Tagan Aplus Curbic is not yet available in the US, and has an estimated MSRP of $59.99 and should be available in retail stores before the holiday. The Curbic would be a very good fit for the user who wants an inexpensive, yet a nice looking, case. The Curbic is also very light weight for a steel case, and combined with the small size it would be very nice for a LAN box.

The small size of the Curbic also could present an issue for the type of cooler you use. Coolers at 155-158mm in height will be a snug fit in this case. You might squeeze one that is 160-170mm in height, but the side fan would have to be removed to accomplish this and even then I’m not too sure that with anything over 165mm the side panel would be able to be installed.

I would also highly recommend a modular PSU for use in this case. Due to its size and the way the inside is laid out here just isn’t a lot of room to hide cables.

Bottom Line: The Curbic from Tagan is a sharp looking balance of budget and features for a reasonable price.

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