Tagan A+ Curbic Mid Tower Case Review

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External Impressions

Tagan Aplus Curbic

With Curbic out of the packing I was happy to see it survived shipping.

Tagan Aplus Curbic front panel

Looking at the front we can see the front panel is mostly mesh. The lower part of the case holds a 180mm fan, to the right of the fan are the power and reset buttons.

Tagan Aplus Curbic front fan switch

Below the fan and to the right is the power switch for the fan. This is not easily turned off, so the fan getting turned off by accident would be hard to do.

behind the front panel door of the Tagan Aplus Curbic

Looking behind the front panel door we can see the mesh 5.25” bay covers and the front I/O ports. The front I/O ports are a little sparse on the Curbic, only having 2 USB and audio ports. I would have like to have seen at least one eSATA port.

Side panel of the Tagan Aplus Curbic

Looking around to the left side of the Curbic we can see the side panel and front fan control. The front fan speed control is located at the front edge of the panel by the white arrow. The side panel fan also has a 180mm fan. This fan is also controlled by a speed control; it is located on the back of the case.

Back side of the Tagan Aplus Curbic

Moving around to the back we can see the side panel fan control. I would like to point out that the I/O shield and expansion slot covers are stamped out and have to be wriggled free. This may leave a small bump of steel after being removed and not allow expansion cards to set flush. If this happens just use a small nail file to file it smooth.

Tagan Aplus Curbic case feet

When I turned the case on its side to see the feet I was shocked to see there were none, only after opening the case side and looking at the accessory bag did I find the case feet. They are old school plastic feet and just simply snap into place.

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