Super Talent’s T800UX2GC4 PC2-6400 Memory Kit

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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In November of 2005 I reviewed seven different brands of DDR2 800MHz memory, which makes this my eigth brand of PC2-6400 memory that I have taken a look at. After looking at dozens and dozens of memory kits from these eight companies I found that the Super Talent modules proved to be some of the better performers. The tighter memory timings that the modules are rated at helping improve performance versus older modules that run loose C5 timings.  As time moves on more companies we will see more companies running C4 at 800MHz and even C3 as the memory IC’s keep getting better and better. The Micron D9 IC’s that these modules use have proven to some of the best IC’s for enthusiasts and overclockers for well over a year now.  The Brainpower PCB combined with Micron D9 IC’s are one of the safest routes to take when it comes to picking out the right components to making a solid modules and Super Talent did just that.  With these modules overclocking up to 1.1Ghz and running C4 timings at low voltages it goes to show that Super Talent did a great job screening these parts and put out some great performers on their T800UX2GC4 line.

Overclocking performance was stellar on the Super Talent T800UX2GC4 memory kit. In my previous article I was able to hit 1054MHz on a 1GB kit of memory and I thought that was impressive till this 2GB Super Talent memory kit beat that by 1MHz and has double the memory capacity.  I ran the Super Talent memory modules on the Intel 955X and Intel 975X platforms as well as the upcoming nForce 590 SLI chipset with no issues at all. Intel and AMD fans will be able to crank up the volts on these Super Talent modules and have some fun without having to worry about warranties, thanks to the Super Talent lifetime warranty.

If you are interested in picking up a set of these modules it might be tough to find a kit, as Newegg and Zipzoomfly do not currently carry Super Talent memory at all.  The Super Talent website has a list of global resellers, but even some of those listed don’t carry their DDR2 modules (example: Directron).  After a search on Froogle we found a 2GB kit in North America at eWiz for $286.40 plus shipping. (please note that eWiz and Ma Labs , the parent company of Super Talant, are one and the same) This puts them right in the middle when it comes to pricing as the Crucial Technology Ballistix modules run ~$310 and the Corsair C5 modules well put you back $250. In terms of price versus performance these modules are inline with other brands.

The Legit Bottom Line: The Super Talent T800UX2GC4 2GB DDR2 800MHz memory kit overclocked higher than any kit we have ever reviewed and features a no frill lifetime warranty that not all companies offer.

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