Super Talent’s T800UX2GC4 PC2-6400 Memory Kit

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Super Talent Pushes DDR2 Overclocking Memory

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When gamers and enthusiasts look to buy high performance memory only a select few companies come to mind.  I’ll be honest and say that Super Talent is not going to be one of the first companies that I would mention when talking about high perforamnce memory. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Super Talent designs and manufactures DDR and DDR2 memory modules and Flash based storage devices for computers and consumer electronics. Super Talent Technology is a spin off of Ma Labs distributor that specializes in Memory modules and USB pen drives since 1985. Super Talent and Ma Labs are far from small players in the computer industry.  According to iSuppli data MA Labs has the sixth highest sales revenue in the memory industry bringing in a cool $345 Million dollars in 2005. This places MA Labs ahead of Corsair Memory, OCZ, Mushkin, PNY, Kingmax, and Transcend in terms of overall DRAM sales.

So you’re telling me that Super Talent is not a knock off company from over seas that is selling junk IC’s on cheap PCB’s?  That would be correct, Super Talent actually makes memory for some other leading OEM’s and a number of other memory companies that need to have orders filled. For years Super Talent was the company behind the scenes, but after a number of key personel changes they have started to get the attention of the media and overclocking community.

Today we take a look at Super Talent’s 2GB DDR2 800 (PC2-6400) memory kit, which offers a more agressive CL4 timings than what the value kits on the market come rated at.  The exact Super Talent memory kit we are reviewing today comes with the part number T800UX2GC4.

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The T800UX2GC4 memory kit comes backed with a full lifetime warranty. Super Talent Technology’s DDR and DDR2 system memory modules are fully covered for the life of the product, but the warranty claim may be asserted by the buyer only. The Super Talent warranty does not talk about overclocking and voltages, so we contacted Super Talent to see what the deal was. We were informed that if the memory fails during use then return it for a new set, since we are looking at overclocking memory it seems to be fully covered even if we push it a bit too far. I don’t believe that Super Talent will keep their warranty like this forever, but for a company trying to get in the enthusiast market a full warranty sure is a great selling point. If anything ever goes wrong with the modules you have to fill out this RMA request form and e-mail it in to Super Talent. If modules ever do go bad Super Talent told Legit Reviews that the problem modules need to be sent to their US office and will be replaced locally here the states.

Now that we know who Super Talent is, the modules that we are testing, and the warranty let’s take some heat spreaders off and see what Super Talent is doing with their memory.

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