Super Talent SATA II Mini 2 PCIe MLC 64GB SSD

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AS SSD Benchmark

A new benchmark is in the works for Solid State Drives – AS SSD Benchmark. This is still a fairly new benchmark and is on a rolling change most of the time. I’ll be using version 1.1.3466.29641 for my testing. Unfortunately, I cannot run this on the stock Asus SSD due to the program requiring a substantial amount of drive space for its testing, well over 1GB. With XP and .NET 3.0 framework installed I only had ~600mb of space left on the drive. So, I will only have results for the Super Talent drive.

Super Talent FPM64GLSE AS SSD Benchmark Results

The sequential read and write speeds are consistent with what we have seen throughout the testing. The access times are fairly quick, too.

Super Talent FPM64GLSE AS SSD copy Benchmark Results

The copy benchmark shows some good numbers as well.

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